About Sharon

Sharon Hubbard moved to the Qualicum Beach community around four years ago, but has been living on Vancouver Island for over 23 years. Surrounded by nature she finds daily artistic and photographic opportunities. As she travels the Pacific Northwest, she can be found up to her knees in bogs or snow banks intent on her artistic purpose.

This past year, Sharon was selected to paint a 70 foot mural for the community of Bowser for their Legion as part of their town enhancement project.

bowser legion mural

Her paintings have been acquired by homes from around the world. Sharon teaches children, on a one to one basis but is looking to expand to group classes in the future. When teaching, Sharon doesn't believe in "I can't" from her students and always encourages them to be authentic in their art designs. It is always a delight to see a student become confident and capable of more than they believed possible.

Sharon's Story

Often scribbling designs in my books at the age of 6, Sharon knew she wanted to be an artist. By ten years old, she bought her first oil paints but dreams were dashed as art wasn't seen as a viable option by her family. All through her school years, Sharon was denied an opportunity to study art. It had to be academics and nothing else. Adulthood soon brought a life of dutiful wife and mother on an 80 acre farm, with no time, opportunity or encouragement to pursue her hidden passion.

In 1985, a drunk driver, running a stop sign put Sharon's life on a collision course with destiny. Badly injured, spine broken in 6 places, severe head trauma, Sharon lay on the ground, expected to not survive. Being of no further use to her husband, and without saying a word, he turned and walked away. For good.

Paralyzed on one side, no depth perception, a single parent of 3 children, this was Sharon's moment of truth. The words came to her clearly.

"I should not have lived. This is a second chance at a life I want. I'm not going to waste this opportunity."

She decided to spend the rest of her life pursuing art, in as many ways as she could. She enrolled in the Fine Arts program at the University of the Fraser Valley and graduated with honours of Fine Arts and Printmaking.

As a breast cancer survivor, Sharon has faced and conquered the incredible. She has reshaped her life with the help of art.

paintings and cravings

Sharon's interests go beyond art. She is an award winning photographer and carver, known far and wide for her detailed, miniature castles. She even hand carved the cedar fence around her home!

She has written and illustrated a children's book, and in her spare time as an amateur paleontologist, has added to the world's collection of fossils.

 Education - Mentors
  • University of the Fraser Valley Fine Arts honours Grad 1993
  • Mircho Jacawbo, MFA
  • Nita Leland, Dayton Ohio, US
  • Donna Baspaly, SFCA
  • Caroline Buchanan, Orcas Island WA, US
  • Janice Robertson, SFCA

awards and achievements